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Cutting Edge Shoulder, Elbow and Sports Surgery in San Diego

Elbow And Sports Surgery Factors To Consider Before Your Operation

Elbow issues are a very common reason for sports surgery procedures. Tennis elbow is a very famous example, but many sports can impact or injure a person's elbow, be it someone with improper form in a bowling tournament, or a basketball player hoisting up jump shots that never hit anymore. When the time comes that you might have to have a correctional procedure done, there are a number of considerations to take into account before your elbow and sports surgery procedure is done. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know and discuss with your physician.

What caused the injury in the first place? It is best if a specific trigger of the injury can be determined, because anything that happens once, can happen again, sometimes with greater likelihood. There is little point having a problem fixed if it is just going to happen again. On the other hand, if the cause is known, the damage can not only be repaired, but a rehabilitation regimen can be undertaken to manage the issue and minimize chances of recurrence. Sports medicine has truly made strides in preventing injuries from repeating themselves so that professional athletes can stay on the field of play with confidence.

Will you be resuming your sport with expectations of full ability again? This is one of the more difficult conversations in any elbow and sports surgery situation between a doctor and his patient. Younger adults, especially professional athletes, are going to be looking to recover their previous form to the fullest extent. However, middle aged or elderly weekend warriors might have to be more pragmatic. It might be possible for a physician to recover a person's strength and range of motion to a point that supports a pain-free and fully ambulatory daily lifestyle, but returning to the field of play might not be a possibility.

How long will the rehabilitation take? Many patients make the erroneous assumption that once their surgical scars are healed and they feel fine that they can jump right back into the activity that caused the problem in the first place. Even if a doctor assures them that they can eventually resume the sport that hurt their elbow initially, patients should know that this does not happen overnight. Surgery is only one step, as recovery time has to be allowed from the surgery itself. Rehabilitation, often taking months, follows that. Even after rehabilitation, it can take additional time to recover the previous levels of physical conditioning, followed by remastering the form and technique of the sport in question. It is not uncommon for it to take a year to get back to equal playing ability after an elbow and sports surgery situation.

Elbows are joints that are used in most sports and in many general movements in life, so they are easily damaged under enough duress. Fortunately, sports medicine has become very adept at healing them so that people can resume the activities that they love.

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