Saturday, 20 February 2016

Atlanta Roof Repair is True Entrepreneurism

Hey big shout out to Nike, first of all. I can not tell you how much I love being an entrepreneur. But the big thing for me is to watch all the other entrepreneurs and seeing what they do, how they do it and especially when they start from nothing! Let's give some props toAtlanta Roof Repair.

So, what we did is went out into the 'real' world and spoke with those who actually started their own business (entrepreneur) from the bottom and they are just booming at this time.

One of those companies is from Atlanta, GA. They are a roofing repair company that started from their garage. Meaning, just the tools in their garage they started going around town asking those who needed any type of roofing service, but here's the catch; they did this for half the cost!

So, I think what the first 'secret' here is when wanting to start your own business is to GIVE FIRST. You see, they probably made $12k their first year. They gave first, built up their customer base and all these referrals absolutely know this roofing company is the best they have ever dealt with due to the what they did for them.

So, now decades later in Atlanta, which is quite a few people, they are booming! There customer service exceeds all others. They get it done right the first time and if they don't they stay until it is completely finished correctly. They are working for people and they want all these people to be completely satisfied and happy with their work. They take pride in their business.

So, a big shout out to Roofing Atlanta GA for giving first, helping others first and by doing so they are the number 1 roofing repair company in Atlanta, GA.

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