Sunday, 21 February 2016

Our Best Photograph - Medical Billing Quotes Health Industry

We just got back from a trip from New York City! Beautiful place to visit that's for sure. What we did in New York, aside from going out every night, is photograph the health industry that is in place on the East Coast. One of our photographs is on the medical billing quotes services side of things. The health industry is probably one of the best paying and money-making industries in our USA today.

We know while visiting in the NY City area, the population is much like LA, however it is much busier and faster-paced type of city. We are very involved in the health communities everywhere we can be a part of. The below video is on Medical Billing Services nationwide.

We slowly going to be adding a Gallery here with a ton of our photographs to let everyone see! We are excited to do this. As I was saying above, in regards to our health industry, it's so strange that it is very different in other states. I was under the impression our rules and regulations were nationwide. So, what we did is as we were traveling we took down the information on every states medical practices. What we came to find is our over-priced every part of this industry really is.

This isn't a surprise to most, however, the amount that we are over-charged is just ridiculous. Below are a couple of photos of people working in the medical billing and coding industry while at their offices.

This was one of the companies we came in on, took a few pictures and they gracefully brought us into their conference room and spoke with us about this entire business. Sincerely said, they were so brutally honest about this industry and we thank them for this opportunity they gave us! Thank you and here's their business site:

Well, keep coming back and reading our material, it's gonna be so enlightening for all.

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