Monday, 15 February 2016

Wide Golf Shoes

Golf is not a high impact sport and is usually played at leisure, but this does not mean that golf is not a physically demanding sport. If your are planning on walking the eighteen holes, you are going to find that golf is a tiring outing. Golf is growing more and more popular, it used to be played mainly by professionals and businessmen who need to take some time off from their busy and stressful work schedules, but is now being played by a wide age range of people. With nineteen-year-olds winning golf tournaments, golf is growing more and more popular with a younger crowd.

Golf has always been a man's game, and comparing equipment, not just your scores on the course, is one-way men show off. Just like showing off a new car, men feel superior to their peers when they are sporting the best clubs on the market. Unfortunately, most men do not put as much attention into the shoes they are wearing as they do with the clubs that they are carrying. You may be thinking that the clubs are much more important than the shoes because you are hitting the ball with them. This is only partly true, the clubs do play a more significant role, but your shoes also play a large role in your comfort on the course. And anyone who has played golf for four hours knows that being uncomfortable for that long not only stinks but will lead you to play a bad round of golf. So do not just buy the pair of wide Golf Shoes that look the nicest or the pair you saw some celebrity wearing, but take some time and pick out the pair of shoes that fits you the best.

Walking eighteen holes for three to five hours, miles in distance, over uneven ground sometimes in the heat, can be extremely tiring and painful for your feet. Basketball players carefully select sneakers for games, and baseball, football and soccer players carefully choose comfortable cleats. Why should you put any less effort and care into picking a golf shoe as you would for these other sports? Being tired and uncomfortable on the course can change your swing and lead you to play a poor round of golf.

Let me go over some basics for what to look for when picking wide golf shoes. Your toes should have a half inch of room to prevent them from being cramped, but do not get shoes that leave more than that. Too much room will allow your foot to slide in your shoe and will throw off your swing. You want your shoe to be tight in the middle and back to help you keep great balance. Balance is the most important part of your swing, so this is vital. Find shoes that are soft, so you will not get blisters or swollen feet. Waterproof shoes are also great because you will likely find yourself playing in the rain occasionally. I have talked a lot about comfort, but one thing to know is that you should not wear another type of shoe because it is comfortable. Ensure you have a wide foot before buying wide shoes. You can choose from the common labels like Addidas, Nike, Footjoy, or even Ecco golf shoes. they provide a variety of wide shoes. Nongolf shoes could lead to injury on the course by slipping if they do not have the right bottoms. Therefore, visit your local golf shop and pick out the most comfortable shoe you can find that gives you room for the toes and support for the rest of the foot.

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