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What causes Varicose Veins

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What causes Varicose veins ? TRANSCRIPT

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Varicose veins are twisting, enlarged, and inflamed veins usually connected to faulty valves. The UK health authorities estimated that 30% of adults have this condition while the National Institutes of Health in the USA say that 17% of men and 33% women have varicose veins.

Aging causes veins to lose their elasticity, which, in turn, makes the valves weaker. Valves in the veins are designed to prevent backflow of blood but if they are weak, this is not possible and blood pools in your veins, causing them to become varicose and bigger than they should be.


Affected veins have a blue appearance as a result of the stagnation of deoxygenated blood in affected veins. Experts on veins and venous diseases do not have a solid explanation for what causes valves in the vein to collapse and to them, it seems this happens for no apparent reason.

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