Friday, 5 February 2016

Princeton Internet Marketing Company Helps Websites Recover from Google Penalty


Video Suite is one of the many websites that are starting to establish

their own mark in the industry but unfortunately, they have become

struck by the much dreaded "Google Penalty". This then resulted to a

sharp decline in the traffic and rankings of the promising website that

reviews a famous video marketing platform.

Good thing that the premier internet

marketing company in Princeton, LeadRush, has come to the rescue. Using

their top of the line method, Easy Video Suite was able to bounce back and better yet, they were able to regain their

first page rankings, all thanks to the proven techniques on search

engine optimization.

This technique primarily involves

removing the poor quality backlinks followed by moving the website to a

brand new domain in order to disassociate it from the previous bad

links. It then resulted to the website moving back to the first page of

the search results that eventually lead to an increased number of

traffic and more sales than ever before.

"It was worth every penny moving the

site and removing the spam links. We could not have recovered from this

SEO penalty without the help of LeadRush." says site owner Steve


Today, more and more local marketing

agencies are trying to wow and impress their clients with the fancy and

hard to decipher buzzwords that will only leave you wondering and

completely clueless of they can really help you with your needs or if

they are just simply a bag of air.


their mission is very simple and that is to help their clients in

getting more leads and growing their clients' business through putting

their website right in front of a higher number of people who might want

the services or products that are being offered. This sounds simple but

this has been proven time and time again that it is effective in more

ways than one. With LeadRush, site owners can now finally say goodbye to

the mindboggling industry lingo, geek and nerdy stuff and the buzzwords

that don't have any meaning to you at all. LeadRush believes that it is

their job to make everything simple but results-driven.

They hope that more websites will take

advantage of their remarkable services and experience the same

difference that Easy Video Suite is now enjoying.

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