Monday, 1 February 2016

High Risk Solutions Now Accepts High Risk Merchant

Merchants from all over the

world, belonging to high-risk sectors such as Travel, Retail,

Nutraceuticals, Timeshares, MLM and offshore processing etc., look

forward to reliable credit card processing services. However, many banks

consider these industries as high-risk, making credit card processing

difficult for them. Now with the help of High Risk Merchant Solutions,

they can have custom made solutions according to their requirements.

While their consultation services are free, their custom solutions are

affordably priced and come with multiple add-ons such as chargeback

protection services.

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merchants who are facing problems such as volume caps or an account

pending shutoff, High Risk Merchant Solutions can provide immediate help

creating a custom solution often in less than 24 hours. They also have

expert underwriters that can help merchants get their high risk accounts

approved in no time. Apart from these services, they also offer offshore merchant account

solutions and more. We have accepted clients who have lost their chase

merchant services account, td merchant services, and even first data

merchant services.

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