Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Antioch Water Damage Repair

When there is water leak who are you going to call?   The plumber, Insurance Agent, Insurance Adjuster, Local Contractor or Water Damage Clean Up expert? Time is of the essence

as your home is soaking wet with water and the drywall, paint, insulation, cabinets, flooring and and your belongings and home are getting destroyed.

You need an professional to evaluate and determine identify where the water is

coming from a roof leak so nothing else gets ruined.

If a toilet or bathtub overflowed you need to resolve those issues.

Once the water problem is found than you have with repair

what the water damaged. . It's time to call the people at to help

clean up the water damage and mitigage your water damage claim.


As points out:

“Whether your toilet overflowed, water heater sprung a leak, rain poured in through a hole in your roof, or some other flooding calamity occurred, wet carpet must be dealt with ASAP. Allowing wet carpet to remain soaked leads to numerous problems including: organic decay, fiber deterioration, delaminating, heavy soiling, mold, and a nasty smell that may never go away. If you have a soggy, smelly, stained carpet, you’ve got a big problem on your hands.


Organic Decay

One of the problems with wet carpets that have been allowed to sit for awhile is that organic decay takes place. This is the breakdown of all the accumulated dirt and debris. As organic material decays it produces off-gases which you’ll immediate recognize due to the strong smell. This problem becomes worse when the water that flooded the carpet in the first place was contaminated such as sewer water.”


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