Sunday, 27 March 2016

The best fitness trainer in Long Beach, CA.

Ti Phan’s dream is to help people realize their true road to a healthier life. Ti strongly believes in taking care of your body first and your mind will follow. A positive mind = A positive life.


Ti Phan is recognized in the health and fitness industry through his personal training, charity events, and men’s physique competitions. Ti takes pride in his body and work hard for it.


Ti has 5 years of experience training clients of all different fitness levels. Ti recognizes that everyone is different and as such provides one-on-one training with every individual while also providing personal tools , guidance, knowledge and support in order for them to reach their goals.


Ti provides numerous training workouts to help you reach your personal goals. Call 562-451-5155 if you’re looking for a personal trainer in Long Beach, CA.


View this awesome testimonial from one of his satisfied customers.

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